Sarah AllenErnest / November 23, 2014
by Michell Spoden, Recovering the Self

As part of the Authors on Friedreich’s Ataxia series, I share my correspondence with another author who is part of this literacy project. Today’s guest is Sarah Allen, a 45-year-old English writer living in Spain. She is an Honors graduate in English Literature of the University of Birmingham, PGCE in primary education from Newman College, University of Birmingham. Currently, Sarah is a full-time mother of three.

Michell: Sarah, please let our viewers know about this project and how you decided to join it?
Sarah Allen: I answered a call for writers to contribute to a collaborative novel to raise funds for research into Friedreich’s Ataxia. It sounded very interesting to me – it appealed to my interest in literature, it not only has merit in its own right as a fund-raising project but it has literary merit in what it achieves. It is such a brave and bold undertaking to take writers from all over the world and unite them in one intriguing narrative.
Michell: There is something similar with each of the writers for this project. What is that?
Sarah Allen: 14 of the authors have Friedreich’s Ataxia – a progressive neuro-muscular illness which has no cure – at the moment.
Michell: Your group has decided to translate this book into different languages, please tell us more about that aspect of the project.

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